Thursday, 10 December 2009

What's involved?

Have a look at the posts below to find out more about what's happening in the different elements that make up CutShuffleDeal. See sections on:
- when and where it's all going on
- latest news
- the clothing exchange
- free activities
- events
- cup of tea and a nice sit down
- getting involved

Friday, 27 November 2009

When and where?

CutShuffleDeal takes place in a pop-up shop from Monday 4 - Friday 15 January 2010.

We will be open daily from 10 am to 6 pm and for evening events at C73, 73 Parkway, Camden, London, NW1 7PP.

Come and find us there!

The space has been provided by the good folk at Camden Town Unlimited.

Latest news

CutShuffleDeal is now furnished with some amazing tables, chairs and other assorted household fittings.
We visited the ReStore Community Projects warehouse in Tottenham and earmarked a goodly supply of sofas to sink into, card tables to get creative on and much, much more which the ReStore team are generously going to lend us for the ten days of Cutshuffledeal pop-up shopping in January.
Many thanks again to everyone at ReStore Community Projects. Click here to find out more about how ReStore are recycling furniture and appliances to benefit people in need.

The 'I heart taking photos' wall wants your image
Fed up of flicking through photos on screen? Fancy actually seeing some of your footage in the flesh? Us too. Share your images and celebrate the joy of shutter satisfaction with the 'I heart taking photos' image wall at CutShuffleDeal.
CutShuffleDeal invites all photo-taking enthusiasts to send us their images that fit (snugly or otherwise) into the theme of exchange. We'll print out and display them in the pop-up shop for all to admire.
So go on, we know you've got a photo you're pretty proud of languishing in some dusty on line folder. Dig it out and send it to us and see your image face-to-face, not on face book.
(Right: happy Japanese students on an exchange trip to China. )

Some of you may recognise this concept as a resurrection of the much talked of, very little done about representation club. If you'd like to get involved, but photos aren't really your thing, send us anything you can jpeg which is a representation of exchange and, where possible, we'll print and show that too.

Shades of a popular weekly magazine feature? Imitation, flattery etc – it’s all about sharing after all.

What to do: email your image to:
ideally by Sunday 20 December, sooner the better, but we'll try to include everything that comes across.
Don't forget: to come down and see, share and celebrate all the submissions at CutShuffleDeal, 4 - 15 Jan 2010 in Camden.

The clothing exchange

Another dark, cold, cash-strapped, January. Fancy doing something different that won't cost the earth? Clear out and clean up by getting involved at the free CutShuffleDeal clothing exchange.

How it works:
Starting with a stockpile of stuff, CutShuffleDeal invites clothing connoisseurs and exchange enthusiasts to bring along their clean and complete items. We'll count your goods and you're free to take away as many as you brought chosen from the racks of lovelies on display. On Thursday 14 and Friday 15 Jan we will be selling off the CSD stock. All items will be sold for £1 and all proceeds will go to Greenpeace UK.

Free activities

Celebrating the joy of exchanging, barters, swapping, sharing and getting involved is the name of the game on the free activities which will run alongside the clothing exchange.
Come along in and enjoy:

  • charity shop cartography: plot your favorite places for seeking out second hand gems and see some of ours on the massive map
  • the I'll pass present exchange - the perfect place for your unwanted presents. Bring it wrapped and ready and we'll swap you on the spot
  • long and draw out - add your self portrait to the CutShuffleDeal washing line and tell us where your clothing came from
  • better than beer - badges rock so make your own memento to take away with the badge-making machine
  • 'sew' your item needs a little adjusting? Use the sewing machine tailor your threads
  • want something? got something? identify your heart's desire and what you'd happily give in return and see if anyone takes you up on the offer
Phew. Exhausted by all that activity? Have a cup of tea and nice sit down in the seating area, more info below...

Thursday, 26 November 2009


We're looking forward to evening events in the shop space to brighten up those cold dark January nights. Come along and get involved with:

THE PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 7 Jan 2010, 6.30 pm - 9 pm.
Really keen on cutshuffledeal and want to come along? Send us an email at

SHORT AND SWEET - FILM NIGHT: Friday 8 Jan 2010. come along and see a selection of short films and hear from their makers on how they came to produce them and why. There'll also be some delicious cake on offer courtesy of culinary genious Mr. J Ford.
GREENPEACE GET TOGETHER: Tuesday 12 Jan 2010. Camden and South West London Greenpeace groups combine forces and invite any other local activists or interested parties to come along. Hear about a campaigners view of Copenhagen, join in discussion of where we go from here, or generally find out more about what's happening in your area or across London. 7pm - 9pm, bring your own food / drink.

BAG MAKING WORKSHOP WITH Friends of the Earth Camden: Wednesday 13 Jan 2010, 7 pm - 9 pm. Everyone's welcome! Let us know you're coming so we can prepare properly for your arrival, email

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Cup of tea and a nice sit down

The brilliant folks at ReStore Community Projects have kindly agreed to lend us some fantastic furniture to sink into once we've had our fill of the clothing and creative activity capers. Sit down, sip something hot and browse through our favorite reads or interesting information about events, groups and activities you might also enjoy.

ReStore Community Projects recycles and reuses domestic furniture and appliances for the benefit of people in need. To find out more about what they do on their web pages, click here.